8C70CA59-40E3-4E45-8A51-FE550C027101First time I met Kristen was when a friend of mine posted about a cute little pitbull puppy that needed a home. I fell in love the moment I saw the picture. Kristen came to do a home check with the puppy the next day and she made sure it was a good fit before leaving the puppy with me. We named her, Luna. Luna ,had been rescued her from a breeder out here in Las Vegas. She made the drove all the way to Boulder City just to make sure that Luna was going to a great home. Since adopting Luna, I have recently adopted another little puppy from Kristen and her mom. They are very special people who truly care about where these animals go and who they are going with. They have become family since day one. Adopting through them was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Words could never express know how much I truly appreciate Tails of The Forgotten and all they do.

A0E6DAB7-EED5-4314-8A37-975C3049CD2AThe day I met Kristen and her mom was the day everything changed for me. I had been looking for a companion for sometime. I contacted Tails of The Forgotten letting them know if they could keep an eye out for me. Then came the phone call; Kristen and Linda rescued my little one from a home where he was being severely neglected and abused. He was very emaciated, dehydrated , cuts on his face, but despite the suffering he endured, he is sweetest dog ever.
Lets just say he rescued me. I hope anyone considering getting a companion,  choose Tails of The Forgotten. They save lives and enrich yours.

carterI had recently lost one of the best dogs anyone has ever met to old age. Our other dog was not acting herself since the passing of our dog, Lily. I started looking for a new friend for her. We searched and searched, but we just weren’t able to find one that would be a good fit for our family.  I was talking with a coworker one day at work and she was telling me about her dogs and that she had adopted a few through ‘Tails of The Forgotten’, and said I should contact them. I contacted them a few days later and that is when they told me that they had recently picked up a dog from Leid Animal Shelter. While I wasn’t quite sure if this was going to be the right fit, I wanted to try. We went through the process and that is when we finally met, Carter. My family and I knew this is the dog we had been searching for. He is smart and goofy and is everything we could have asked for!! We are very lucky to have found him and ‘Tails of The Forgotten.’

baileyTails of The Forgotten matched my husband and I with our middle child, Bailey. Bailey is a 1 1/2 year old pit terrier. Bailey is happy, healthy and has made our life brighter by being in it. We are grateful for the individuals with Tails of The Forgotten who save these defenseless animals from high kill shelters and abusive and neglecting homes. Bailey was given a second chance with our family and for that we are extremely thankful. Tails of The Forgotten has matched over 5 of our closest friends and family members with dogs in need of forever homes and we will continue to support them and their efforts to change the lives of animals in the Las Vegas community.