Logo-WebTails of The Forgotten works vigorously to give the helpless animals another chance in life.  We are based out of Las Vegas, but we pick up any animal that needs our help.  Not only do we pick up dogs from out of state, but we also have sent animals out of state on a plane to their forever homes.  We work very patiently to re-acclimatize fearful animals to accept the loving touch and care of a human, so that they may eventually be adopted.

In some of our more severe cases, these animals have never been inside, are being used for bait, or never had the joy of a loving touch.  Gaining the animals trust and rebuilding it is a very slow and extensive process.  After working with them and going through the necessary steps, we eventually begin that long search for the perfect home.

In August 2010, before we became a business, we started rescuing animals whose family could no longer care for them and from those individuals who were living on the streets and could not properly care for their animals.  Over the years, we have had the ability to have many life changing experiences by being able to place these animals that had no chance at life, to loving forever homes.  Six years later, we have decided to make the biggest decision and become an animal rescue.

The need for helping animals in the state of Nevada is immense.  We could have never expected how many animals are in need of rescuing.  Being located in Las Vegas, we have found out that there is a never-ending flow of stray and unwanted animals.  Wherever you go there is an overwhelming amount of animals that desperately need to be saved.

All these helpless animals are relying on you…and we are relying on you.  People can help make a difference, so please help us help them!  We cannot do this alone.  Please continue to help us fight this never-ending battle.